What Great Commercials Have In Common With Each Other

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The world of marketing is built on two schools of thought: focusing on the consumer or focusing on the brand. Rarely do businesses focus on both.

Some will spend a Christopher Nolan budget to attract consumer attention. Others focus on selling their products. But with Millennials and Generation Z constantly demanding more, wanting more, and criticizing traditional methods of marketing, businesses only want to know one thing—what makes a great commercial?

Is it stellar cinematography? Is it a good storyline? Is it using famous actors? Let’s take a look:

Good Commercials Are Conversational

Think about your favorite movie or storybook for a second. What exactly do you like about it? What makes it stand out? Even if the plotline has been done to death, there’s still something that draws you towards it.

That’s because that story or movie engages you. It speaks to you. It converses with you. As people, we are drawn towards the things we can relate to. That’s exactly why some commercials are successful while others aren’t.

Take a look at this commercial by Duracell called “The Teddy Bear.” It’s a heartwarming commercial about a little girl who eagerly waits for her dad to come home from the military. She has a teddy bear to keep her company. Every time she squeezes it, it says, “I love you baby girl.” The bear is powered by Duracell’s batteries that don’t wear out easily.

While the story is simple, it’s relatable. It connects with the viewers emotionally and engages their thoughts. It makes you think, “What can I do for my loved ones to help them remember me?”

They Have A “Personality”

You don’t have to create a commercial with amazing visual effects to make it memorable. In fact, most people won’t remember your commercial if that’s all it has to offer.

Great commercials have depth and personality. You can add an iconic character to add personality to your commercials.

Remember the Nesquik Bunny? You probably loved the song he sang whenever a Nesquik commercial came on TV. Through an iconic character, Nestle was able to immortalize its brand because the character stood out and was well-received.

They’re Memorable

Let’s just be honest here. How many commercials do you remember from the time you were growing up? How many commercials stand out to you?

The ones you remember are the ones that made the effort to connect with you. Good commercials are memorable because of their one-liners, quality content, and length. If a commercial is over a minute, chances are, you won’t be interested.

You probably won’t remember them. If the ideas are boring or presented in a dull way, you won’t remember. It’s the way you make all your ideas come true that makes all the difference.

It’s the way you present your concepts to your audience that changes everything.

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