TV vs. Movies: What’s More Popular?

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Media entertainment may be an excellent way to escape the troubles of the daily grind. But behind the late night talk shows and Oscar-bait dramas lies a multi-billion dollar industry that fuels economic growth.

In the last few decades, we’ve witnessed a tremendous rise in digital filmmaking technologies that have revolutionized the way we create, market and distribute video content. Not only has this paved the way for better and more diverse forms of entertainment, but created employment opportunities for millions around the country.

What was once a ritual of flocking to theaters with friends has now changed into a typical Netflix night in front of your laptop.

Motion picture, as we know it, has been radically transformed—raising the ultimate question: is TV the new film?

The Prime of Prime Time

One of the biggest reasons why the television industry is currently thriving is thanks to dramatic changes in visual storytelling. Let’s take a look at some game-changing trends that enabled this revolution.

Longform Format

Consider one of the biggest hits in recent television: Breaking Bad. The breakthrough TV show won several accolades, catapulting former Malcolm in the Middle star Bryan Cranston to instant stardom.

But what made this show so incredibly different?

It used longform storytelling to add nuance and complexity to an endlessly fascinating lead. In doing so, the creators dedicated 5 seasons to exploring a total of 2 years—something that films are simply incapable of achieving.

TV Talent

The success of shows like Breaking Bad and The Wire also brings our attention to something generally associated with films: gripping performance.

Being a cast member of a show that runs for 3+ years means committing to the character in a way that films do not require. This allows actors to show their acting chops, and deliver some of their finest work. Indeed this is why actors like Kevin Spacey and Matthew McConaughey have taken on TV show roles to great reviews.

Streaming Sites

Thanks to the digital revolution, the way we consume visual entertainment has also changed significantly.

You no longer have to wait for a film to go to DVD nor set your DVR to watch a missed show. Producers and networks have collaborated with streaming giants like Netflix and Hulu to make their shows and movies more popular and accessible to the masses.

So, does this mean TV trumps film or Netflix trumps TV?

Films will always be a vital source of entertainment for audiences around the world, and needless to say, they’re here to stay. But there’s no denying that the golden age of TV is undoubtedly here.

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