Top Corporate Video Trends Taking the World by Storm

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2016 was a big year for corporate videos—but not nearly as big as 2017 is bound to be!

As a marketing tool, video is still a relatively new medium that’s constantly evolving with changes in technology and media. Innovation is the name of the game here, and if you stick to old, obsolete trends of video branding to promote your product or service, you’re likely to fall behind in your race to the finish-line.

It All Begins with an Idea

If you’re a successful company, you probably work tirelessly to ensure your product is always on par with those launched by competitors. You do this by revamping it, giving it new features, redesigning it, giving it a new name, or relaunching it in the market with new packaging based on consumer psychology. It’s the same product going through several tides of upgrade to keep up with the times and remain compatible with consumer interests.

Digital marketing is exactly the same!

Your video campaign must go through extensive revisions to always remain relevant and engaging. It’s video advertising, and your job is to make sure that audiences respond to each of your videos with pomp and enthusiasm instead of rolling their eyes in exasperation.

This means paying attention to creative and innovative ideas, and placing emphasis on popular trends that dominate the media!

Here are the top 3 corporate video trends taking the world by storm:

1. Live Streaming

Anything live is always more impactful. A live business talk or interview gives you a chance to connect with your market in real-time, generating more leads and converting clicks into sales.

2. Video Homepages

Video homepages are an excellent way to show your consumers what you’re all about, without resorting to too much text. Images speak louder than words, and a video homepage is arguably the best way to keep your viewers glued to your website in under 5 seconds!

3. News Remixing

There’s no greater way to reflect the credibility of your company than have third parties support your vision and service. Video news remixing merges the various PR clippings and media coverage your company has received and presents it in easy to consume video-format for your audience.

New to to corporate videos, and struggling to keep up with all the trends?

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