The Pillars Of Exceptional Video Marketing: All You Need To Know

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With half the world’s population on the Internet today, you need to have an effective marketing strategy to help you reach your business goals.

Gone are the days when all consumers needed was a TV commercial or a billboard ad to convince them to purchase products.

Consumers want more than just beautiful packaging and cheesy one-liners delivered by famous actors.

And where traditional marketing falls short, video marketing takes center stage.

With one in ten Americans depending on the internet to keep in touch with the rest of the world, the evidence of the importance of video content is not surprising.

But what makes an exceptional video? Let’s take a look:

They’re Short

Individuals no longer want to watch videos that are over 2 minutes long. A decade back, YouTube videos were over 10 minutes long. While they still are, most brands keep their commercials shorter than a minute.

Consumers now want bite-sized videos with engaging content that is relatable and shareable. Buzzfeed’s Tasty is an example of bite-sized videos that are interactive and engaging.  

They’re Humorous 

Subtle humor makes video content engaging. Adding witty remarks and puns can help make your videos memorable.  

Take a look at Dollar Shave Club’s advertisements. The reason they work is because Dollar Shave Club knows when to use humor to grab the attention of their target audience. Moreover, they’ve mastered the art of marketing their products without coming off as persistent or needy. Use memes and puns to connect with a wider audience. If Baby Boomers and Millennials are your target, humor can go a long way.

They Emotionally Connect With Viewers

Your consumers are looking for solutions because they have a problem that needs to be solved.

Show them what makes your brand the right choice. Show them what makes you stand out amongst the crowd.

This can help you build a relationship with your consumers and gain reputation for the quality of your content. When consumers can relate to your brand, they’ll automatically want to invest in your products.

They Use Powerful CTAs

Your video’s call-to-action is important because it has the power to grab your viewers’ attention or shift their focus onto other brands. Your CTA should be interactive, convincing, and draw your audience towards your website and services.

Your CTA completes your video. Without one, your target audience won’t know what their next step should be.

Make sure you use phrases like “This is what sets us apart from the crowd. Call us at 12345678910 to learn more!” or “Shoot us an email if you have any questions!” Using the wrong type of CTA can be costly.

Telling your target audience what to do will help them learn what their next step should be: to invest in your services.

The last step to take is to get feedback and professional consultation before you release your film.

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