Commercial Success! The Most Incredible Viral Commercials of 2018

Commercial Success! The Most Incredible Viral Commercials of 2018

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The world of advertising revolves around two schools of thought: focusing on the products and focusing on the brand.

But let’s get one thing straight: you don’t need a Christopher Nolan budget to shoot an incredible commercial.

But the million-dollar question: is having a better brand better than having a better product?

The trickle truth is, you need a little bit of both.

For example: what’s the best beverage? Coca-Cola. What’s the best drugstore makeup brand? Urban Decay. What’s the best chocolate brand? Lindt.

It’s because these brands have developed exceptional products that they are known for their quality.

But more than that, they’re also known for the quality of their commercials. The secret to success lies in the way you market your brand. If you create a personality for your brand, you’re automatically attracting consumers.

Just take a look at these commercials that are stealing the hearts of millions around the world:

Voiceless Without Alexa

Amazon shows you just how amazing their product is by putting you in an unexpected situation. What if Alexa loses her voice? Le gasp!

Who’s going to fill in now? Cardi B, revbel Wilson and various others try…only to fail. And that’s just how important Alexa is in the lives of her customers!

Budweiser’s Stand By You


A change of pace for Budweiser that’s usually known for its comical advertisements. This advert is heartwarming and shows how serious the company takes its clients. The commercial shows Budweiser cans filled with water, a tribute to natural disasters and the aftermath that took place.

Groupon’s Who Wouldn’t?

Now who wouldn’t want a discount for every product or service they purchase? Groupon shows you just how you can make your life easier. Tiffany Haddish shows you how you can save hundreds of dollars by making the smart, right choices.

She also talks about the importance of supporting and investing in local businesses.

M&M’s Human

Danny DeVito shows you what it’s like to become a human M&M! It’s specifically based on the red version but as weird as it sounds, it’s an eye-opener! We often dream of things we don’t have. And this commercial shows you how reality is different from what we expect!

This commercial is funny, yet an eye-opener! Touché, M&M, touché!

These are just a few of the most incredible commercials of 2018.

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