Shooting a Promo? Here’s What You Should Know

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Promotional videos are the latest in effective brand marketing strategies. And if you haven’t invested in one to generate buzz for your business, you can stop wondering why your sales have hit a standstill.

The truth is, a promotional video is more than a mere commercial. If done right, it can be an incredibly resourceful tool with the potential to accomplish a number of marketing goals. This includes raising brand awareness, presenting a new product or service, introducing prospective clients to your company, attracting investment, possibly sparking a nation-wide conversation about your business, and ultimately saying: You know that thing you’re looking for?—We’ve got it!

How to Win ‘Em Over!

Perhaps the best part about investing in a well-directed promotional video is its propensity to go viral on social media, subsequently making your company an overnight sensation.

In addition, promos are also an excellent way to catch two birds with one stone. Depending on the way it’s shot, you could use your corporate video to as a training video for employees as well as an explainer video for customers.

Getting intrigued at the thought? Say no more! Here are a few helpful tips to get you started:

1.    Choose an Interesting Angle.

We don’t need more reasons to purchase a can of Coca Cola. But we could suddenly be craving one if it’s shown being poured in a tall glass to a thirsty traveler set against the backdrop of a parched Sub-Saharan desert. Be creative and think of an interesting way to promote your brand!

2.    Know Your Audience.

Are you selling cologne for men? Then why does your promo feature what seems to be a pre-pubescent male in jeans and a jacket? Know your target audience and shoot your video accordingly.

3.    Time Your Video.

Tempting as it may be, try to control the impulse to use every second of footage that’s been filmed. The beauty of a great promo lies in the subtlety with which a powerful message is delivered without seeming forced or contrived. This means being aware of the duration and making sure it doesn’t surpass the average 2 to 5 minute spectrum.

In times of doubt, seek guidance from those who have walked the path, working with big and small businesses to produce successful corporate videos.

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