Get Rhythm: The Importance of Shooting a Good Music Video

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Don’t you just hate it when your favorite band releases one of the best tracks off their new record as a single with a cringe-worthy music video? Placing an awful miscast as the song’s protagonist or adopting tired old clichés to create a mass appeal that screams “sell out”.

Frankly, we don’t know what’s worse—choppy, inexperienced editing reminiscent of home videos, or experimenting with new ideas that makes the entire video seem like a parody.

It’s painful to watch, and even more painful to talk about. Especially if you think adding Lowriders and attractive women to your music video will mark your initiation into the Hall of Hip-Hop Fame.

Know Where To Draw the Line

As an artist who takes his or her work seriously, you’ve probably invested an impressive length of time sitting in your studio, recording music you know everyone will love!

When you receive positive feedback on a track that means the most to you, you decide to release it as a single. And why wouldn’t you? The verdict is in and it’s a clear winner.

Unfortunately, a poorly shot video can convert your fame into notoriety—reducing your work of art to 2 minutes of visual nuisance reminiscent of a diaper commercial that just won’t end.

And that’s not it! With consistent replays on MTV, potential fans will deem your video a representation of your entire body of work, making an association in the listener’s mind that’s less than favorable.

Eventually, the first few seconds of the track will elicit a negative response that will compel even the most devoted fan to flip the channel, shaking their head in disappointment as they murmur the dreaded question, “What were they thinking?

Take a Risk that Actually Pays Off!

Video production is a difficult undertaking, and while you may indeed have the creative ambition to pursue it, you may not be able to pull it off as well as someone who’s been doing it professionally for years.

A great artist knows where to draw the line and understands the beauty of collaboration. Take a jazz orchestra or church choir; it’s the fusion of individual talent that culminates in a stirring melody, turning first-time listeners into lifelong fans.

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