Deal-icious! What Can Brands Learn From Tasty?

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Buzzfeed may be overhyped now but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a game changer in the video content industry. Having produced thousands of videos in a span of 12 years, it has inspired hundreds of brands to change the way they market their campaigns.

And this is especially true for the food and beverage industry.

Previously, brands relied on famous chefs as their ambassadors to connect with their consumers. But the arrival of the digital world changed all that. Instead, brands started posting recipes and how-to videos to help their target audience understand their products.

But that too changed once Buzzfeed started its Tasty channel. Short, to-the-point and fun video content became the norm. And more and more viewers agreed that, that was the type of content they wanted to watch.

While there are other channels similar to Tasty popping up, it doesn’t change that there are so many things brands can learn from Buzzfeed’s brainchild.

It Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

Within two years of its launch, Tasty garnered millions of followers.

Previously, chefs cooperating with brands would post 10 to 15 minute videos, explaining the “complex” procedures of “cooking.”

In reality, most people don’t have the time to sit through a 15 minute video. Tasty proved that everything can be done within a minute or two. It made it easier for its viewers to comb through its content within minutes.

It’s Designed For Everyone

Another thing that makes Tasty stand out is that its videos are made for everyone. Whether it’s a 5 year old or a 70 year old, anyone can follow the recipes listed.

Since the recipes are easy to follow, it’s difficult missing anything. Plus, since they’re simple, they’re also easy to remember. This should be the point of every video—it shouldn’t be unforgettable!

Variety is the Name of the Game!

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It goes without saying that nobody wants to keep viewing the same content every week. Tasty caters to a wide audience. From meat lovers to vegans, it has content for just about everyone!

Furthermore, it shows viewers how they can alternate ingredients and gives various tips to help make their cooking experience a good one.

From providing different brownie recipes to no-bake cookies, it’s become the go-to channel for individuals of all ages.

In addition, the recipes can be understood by anyone, from anywhere around the world. Language barrier does not exist with the brand. And that’s what every brand should aim for.

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