Colorful Social Videos: A Detailed Look At The Psychology Of Colors

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While the black and white era of television wasn’t bad, imagine watching your favorite videos without any colors.

Would the script change accordingly? Would the actors in the script have to say something along the lines of, “Look at this big, purple phone case”? When shown a list of products in various colors but the video is black and white, how would you tell them apart?

Colors play an imperative role in advertising. In fact, even before videos were colorized, brands used colorful posters and billboards to attract consumer attention.

Here’s how colorized videos make a significant difference in the world of marketing:

Changes Your Perspective

One of the best things about watching videos in colors is that you get to experience different feelings. With grayscale, you focus on the actors and the plotline. It evokes emotions but they’re not as powerful.

When you watch colorful products of different brands on the screen, you form a different attitude towards each of them.

For example: let’s say there’s an advertisement for a car. When you watch the car in motion on the screen in a grayscale video, that’s all you will see. But when you see that the color is red or royal blue, you’ll feel attracted to it or not, depending.

If you think red is a dull color for the car, then you’ll probably skip the advertisement. If you think navy blue makes the car look great, you’ll look into the manufacturer’s details.

Remember that the first impression is the last impression. This is especially true when it comes to the world of marketing!

Colors Can Change Your Marketing Strategy

In the world of advertising, every color stands for something.

For example: the color red is known for being energetic, passionate, sexy, and exciting. In fact, reports show that most people associate red with positivity. Brands like McDonald’s and Burger King use red in their logo and restaurants because it increases appetite.

Notice how brands like KFC, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, and DQ have the color red in their logos.

In addition, research shows that consumers pay significant amounts of attention to shades when offered a product.

The lighting, visuals, grading, and the overall imagery make a significant difference in the way consumers perceive your brand.

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