I Can’t Hear You! The Importance of Professional Audio

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There are a few categories at the Academy Awards that people at home don’t pay much attention to. Sound editing is one of them.

It’s easy to see why. Whether you’re watching a charming film about a neurotic comedian finding love in 70s New York (read: Annie Hall), or a black-and-white biopic about a legendary boxer (read: Raging Bull) – the last thing you’re likely to notice or appreciate is sound.

Ironically, it takes a considerable amount of time, effort, practice and dedication to perfect the subtlety and nuance of sound in films and music videos. And if your audiences don’t shift focus from the plot to the sound, it’s probably a good thing!

The point of excellent audio production is to keep audiences suspended within the parameters of the scene, not bring them back to reality and lose perspective.

As with most elements in the production process, it can be incredibly challenging to ensure that image and sound are compatible. You don’t have to be directing a musical to ensure that your sound quality is clear and consistent, flowing organically from the opening title sequence to when credits begin to roll.

Block Out the Noise

Trust the sound guy! He’s there for a reason and his experience can help save you a lot of time and money in post-production sound editing. Whether or not you can hear distortion in the background, if it’s audible to the one person whose job is to detect such sounds, you should probably take his notes seriously.

Use the Right Microphone

In an effort to cut costs, many independent filmmakers tend to rely on camera microphones, only to end up spending more money on sound mixing and post-audio production. Invest in a quality microphone and a professional boom operator to avoid making unnecessary adjustments and delaying production.

Choose a Sensible Location

If you’re shooting on a budget, don’t know how to work with sound editing software, or simply lack funds, try to steer clear of noisy locations for your shoot. This means opting for places that are relatively quieter, where background noise or distortion can be blocked without too much of a hassle.

Ultimately, poor audio quality is sure to affect your video. If you’re a musician, audio production and sound mixing is even more crucial to the quality of your music! Don’t settle for mediocrity and seek help from professionals!

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