Can You Change The Scope Of Your Video?

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Imagine this: you’ve finalized a crucial scene in the short film you’re shooting for a client. This scene is extremely important because it connects the entire movie.

The entire crew is ready to film and the cast gathers to discuss how to execute the scene one more time.

But then suddenly, your phone rings, and it’s the client. He wants you to change the entire scene!

Sometimes things don’t go our way. Sometimes Murphy invites himself without any warning. When a client tells you they want to completely cut out a scene or change it, it can throw your team into a state of frenzy. And rightfully so.

The budget has been approved, the script has been written, the production team is ready to film and the cast has been decided.

Dealing with sudden changes can take a heavy toll on production plans. Having to change everything and start from scratch isn’t an ideal situation.

But the question that pops up is: can you change the scope of your video?

What You Need to Consider

The thing is most businesses are used to changes. From the storyboard being tweaked to the ad copy being edited, there’s always some kind of changes being made before the final decision takes place.

The first thing you need to do is create a detailed description of all the changes that the client has requested. This can take some time but until the final copy has been approved, don’t start filming.

This copy will be edited and changed extensively. But you should give the client a deadline of a week so you don’t end up wasting time.

A change in scope also means a change in budget so make sure to highlight this to the client.

The best time to change the scope of the film is during the pre-production process. This way, there won’t be any damages. Make sure to openly communicate with the client beforehand. Everything should be decided from the start.

Last-minute changes can change the course of the production. While sometimes you can afford last-minute changes, it doesn’t always work out.

Changes made in the post-production process may be a costly affair. Make sure to communicate this with your clients.

However, it’s also important to note that sometimes late changes are necessary.

These are a few things to keep in mind. Got a question or query, or need a second opinion on your film?

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