3 Types of Video To Use in Your Email Marketing

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You can spend thousands of dollars on live marketing and television commercials but they might not come close to the exceptional results you could have witnessed through email marketing!

Research conducted by Pew Internet shows that nearly 92 percent adults online use email, with 61 percent using it on a daily basis.

Not only is email NOT dead, it’s actually an effective and affordable way to reach out to potential customers.

The Power of Email Marketing

Studies show that over 66 percent of consumers claimed to have purchased products because of a brand email. Email marketing can help expose your brand to thousands of potential consumers and customers.

But equip your email with powerful video content and you’re on your way to conquering the global market!

If you’re a successful brand, you probably work tirelessly to ensure your product is always better than those launched by your competitors.

But the type of video content you create makes a significant difference in the way your viewers perceive your brand.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at different types of video content that you can use to garner attention from potential customers:

Make It Funny, Make It Pun-ny

Humor is always in!

It’s one of the best ways to make your readers click on your video content. When a video is funny, relatable and engaging, your readers will click on the share button without thinking twice!

You can use a lot of puns in the video content and the title. But remember not to do overdo it.

For example: if you’re creating a video about food products, you use puns like, “Are You Eggcited?” or “Lettuce celebrate!”

Other than puns, you can go for the latest memes but make sure that they are appropriate and relevant to your video content. Otherwise, you can end up driving away your customers.

Make It Brief

So, who doesn’t love short videos like Buzzfeed’s Tasty? What makes short videos stand out is that we don’t have to think as hard or concentrate when watching them.

They’re short, simple and easy to understand.

You can also conduct social experiments and share them with your clients. What we mean to say is people LOVE short and engaging videos!

Animate Your Ideas!

One of the most popular animated series on YouTube is Simon’s Cat. What makes this series a hit is the duration, which is often just under 120 seconds and the witty humor. You don’t need to own a cat to know the shenanigans you’ll face when getting one.

Creating a short, animated series for your products/services can help you keep your readers engaged and looking forward to your next email!

These are just a few ideas to take into consideration. If you’re looking for a way to create the perfect email videos, Outpost Worldwide is a video production company with a diverse portfolio of clients in Kansas City.

If you need a second opinion regarding your video marketing strategies or content, feel free to contact us today for inquiries, questions and booking.


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