Outpost Worldwide is one of the midwest’s leading full service production companies, with a world of experience spanning over 16 years and six continents. Our portfolio includes online marketing videos, television and radio commercials, corporate image, sales and training videos, broadcast content and multi-camera event production.

Located in the heart of Kansas City, our broadcast production house is a days drive from Chicago, Dallas, Denver, St. Louis, Des Moines, Omaha, Wichita, Springfield/Branson, and Oklahoma City.

The Outpost team serves ad agencies, corporations, small businesses, startups, independent producers and broadcast networks. In studio, on location, or in post production, our producers, directors, videographers, motion graphic artists, audio engineers and story editors deliver your message with artistic vision and
solid industry experience.

Celebrating the Union of Sound and Image

Filmmaking isn’t a solo venture, though you may begin your journey alone.

Soon enough, you realize that creating original content is just one preliminary aspect of the process. To turn original ideas into reality, you need a collaborator, a partner, a team—someone who understands your vision, and has the resources to support it through writers, actors, editors, producers.

A truly rewarding experience in film production is only made possible by working with highly experienced professionals, who are as passionate about film and television as you are. The result? Superior craftsmanship that distinguishes a veteran from an amateur.

Quality audio and video production is a sacred covenant of sound and image—two powerful elements of expression that stand at the altar of cinema, coming together in holy matrimony. They exchange their vows of passion in the shape of masterful production—moving audiences to tears and filling the room with rapturous applause. We are a video production company based in Kansas City, and we’ve been serving the film industry since 15 years, and counting.

Our extensive experience in the landscape of film has taught us invaluable lessons and given us the resources to aid talented artists and businesses. In particular, we can help you with music production, corporate event coverage, TV commercials, and offer an impressive line of pre and post-video production services.

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We’ve signed with over 20 TV networks, including ESPN, the History Channel, PBS, and CBS.

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